Ski-Themed Weddings a Hit in Fernie BC

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In Canada there is one unique location where the Rocky Mountains can be fully appreciated. Fernie BC is a favorite destination for ski enthusiasts because it is surrounded by this towering mountain range. Today many guests are also claiming Fernie as the site of their ski-themed weddings.

A snowy, winter backdrop is the setting for a fantasy wedding and Fernie BC resorts are prepared to help make all your wedding dreams come true. Your guests can enjoy the outdoor adventures that this Canadian city has to offer, and the bridal couple will experience a once in a lifetime honeymoon.

What could be more perfectly matched than a winter wedding and these snow covered mountains that seem to kiss the sky? For the most popular  weddings Fernie BC  event planners agree that ski resorts are in high demand. The resorts offer fun, excitement, romantic surroundings and a wide array of fantasy themes.

If the bride requests exotic  flowers Fernie BC  florists often have a large supply of beautiful blooms on hand. Should orchids be needed a shipment can certainly be arranged. Just talk with a reputable Fernie florist and discuss the flowers that you want at your wedding. Remember that some varieties may require advance notification so that the shipping and delivery times can be appropriately scheduled.

Weddings in Fernie BC are held throughout the year, but the winter season is always the most popular choice. This is the time of year when the snowy landscape adds an enchanting element to this Canadian valley.

With lakes and mountains creating charming views, a Fernie ski resort offers a truly memorable backdrop for any wedding. Activities such as skating, sledding and snowboarding are just a few of the outdoor sports that guests can enjoy before (and after) the wedding celebration.

There are many weddings Fernie BC event planners have helped create in the past few years. The themes may differ but these weddings have one thing in common. Each Fernie BC wedding will be a beautiful ceremony that inspires lasting memories.

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