Crowds Validate Bernie Sanders Surge As Iowa Town Halls Relocated To Larger Venues

September 3, 2015 7:44 PM1 commentViews: 18896

Crowds Validate Bernie Sanders Surge As Iowa Town Halls Relocated To Larger Venues

The polling is beginning to match the size of the anticipated crowds as Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has been forced to move two town hall meetings in Iowa to bigger locations.

According to the Sanders campaign, “With turnout projections mounting, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign has shifted locations of town meetings in Grinnell and Cedar Rapids. The Democratic Party presidential candidate is scheduled to make stops in Grinnell, Ottumwa, Burlington, Muscatine, the Meskwaki Nation in Tama, Cedar Rapids and Altoona.”

A recent Des Moines Register poll revealed that Sen. Sanders has cut Hillary Clinton’s lead down to seven points in the Hawkeye State. Both of the top two Democratic candidates will be campaigning in Iowa over the weekend as the Clinton campaign announced that she will be taking part in Labor Day weekend events that celebrate the contributions of working families in Newton, Cedar Rapids, the Quad Cities, and Burlington.

The contest between Sanders and Clinton will be front and center in Iowa this weekend, but if crowd projections are any indication, the momentum behind the campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders continues to grow.

It took a while for the early state polling to catch up to the growth in support for Sen. Sanders, but the polling might be beginning to match the attendance numbers. If Sanders can translate rally supporters into voters, Democrats will be in for a fun ride in early 2016.


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