Growing Evidence that Bernie is Closing the Gap with Non-White Voters

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Growing Evidence that Bernie is Closing the Gap with Non-White Voters

So we know that Bernie is closing the gap in Iowa according to this poll, and now this one, and he leads Clinton in three separate polls in New Hampshire (one, two, and three), but those are all heavily white states. If you have spent any time listening to Hillary Clinton’s apologists, they will be eager to point out to you how Bernie Sanders is getting next to no traction with non white voters. Hell, even Nate Silver has been hawking that as the reason why Bernie has no chance of being the Democratic nominee.

Bernie, however, just keeps doing what he has been doing all along, which is surprise everyone who has underestimated him. After campaigning down South, we are receiving a report of a poll from the Great State of Georgia, where the Democratic electorate is majority non-white. Although on the surface, it doesn’t seem particularly good news for Sanders (he is trailing Hillary 51-24, which is slightly worse than the overall national polling), breaking it down by ethnic group reveals that Bernie is now longer in single digits among black voters (he is now at 19% with them) and get this, he is LEADING Clinton among Latinos 43-35.

I wouldn’t make too big of a deal about the last one because the sample of Latinos in Georgia is still small, at least when it comes to them being in the Democratic Party’s primary electorate, but the fact that he is getting such a large chunk of Latino voters and making inroads among black voters shows that I have been right about what I was saying all along. Don’t listen to corporate media or talking heads who either outright say, or subtly imply that non-white voters don’t like Bernie. That’s simply not true. They don’t vote for him because they still don’t know him, and as Bernie’s exposure among them grows, so will his support. Hillary Clinton is not going to have some sort of a “firewall” in Nevada’s Latino electorate anymore than she will have it among South Carolina’s black voters.

If Bernie keeps doing what he is doing, he will make inroads in those communities, and if he wins Iowa or New Hampshire (or both), the momentum will get voters in the next two states to give him a second look and he could easily destroy Hillary in those states as well, much like how a certain 2008 candidate named Barack Obama was losing black voters right up until the time he won the Iowa caucuses, and then he won them by a very large margin.


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