HILLARY SUPERDELEGATE: Why your vote doesn’t count!

February 12, 2016 4:44 PM7 commentsViews: 8989

HILLARY SUPERDELEGATE: Why your vote doesn't count!It doesn’t matter what the Bernie Sanders campaign does because Hillary Clinton is practically already the presidential nominee, a Democratic superdelegate admitted to Infowars reporter Richard Reeves.

Clinton already holds over half the party’s superdelegates, the top-level lawmakers and party officials who qualify automatically as a convention delegate because of their “luminary” status.

Of the 712 Democratic superdelgates, at least 394 have already pledged support for Clinton and more are expected to back the former Secretary of State.

“The people [party insiders] who have worked for Hillary for decades are big supporters of her, and if they have’t said so yet [openly supported her], they will over the next several weeks,” said Democratic National Convention member Bob Mulholland, who’s been a superdelegate since 1992.

He also mentioned that to get the Democratic nomination, a candidate needs about 2,400 delegates out of nearly 4,800 delegates total, which includes the 712 superdelegates.

“The way we work, anyone who gets 15% or more in an election gets delegates, so this election will go all the way to California [the nomination] and Sanders will end up with well over 1,000 but Hillary will get the nomination,” Mulholland added.


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