Official memo from Americans Socially United, Pro-Bernie Sanders PAC following Mid-Year Filing at Federal Election Commission

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Official memo from Americans Socially United, Pro-Bernie Sanders PAC following Mid-Year Filing at Federal Election Commission

WASHINGTON, D.C. – September,16 2015 – Official memo from Americans Socially United, Pro-Bernie Sanders PAC following Mid-Year Filing at Federal Election Commission

Americans Socially United (formerly Ready for Bernie Sanders 2016 and Bet on Bernie 2016, hereafter referred to as PAC) would like to thank its donors and supporters, in addition to FEC for the assistance and technical support for electronic filing as a new political action committee this year.

[1] PAC sends its sincerest apology for the late Mid-Year Filing. PAC feels that is liable to state a valid explanation of its aforementioned delinquent actions, that were the result of a matter far more complicated that the minor technical issues experienced while formatting data to comply with FEC electronic filing software.

[2] After closely investigating the series of a typical occurrences related to standard PAC affairs and operations it has been determined that PAC has been a target of cyber-industrial sabotage and alleged acts of criminal syndicalism committed by specific financial service providers, a financial institution, web service providers, and independent contractors that were previously provider of a product or service to PAC between the month of May and June that caused the PAC the following adversities: (i) delay in payments to providers causing missed deadlines and possible breaches in active agreements (ii) delayed or lost shipments of campaign materials paid for by PAC, (iii) perpetuation media malfunctioning of media content placement paid for by PAC, (iv.) loss or restricted access of crucial and confidential data and record related to PAC transactions, activities, and federal filing requirements

[3] It is not confirmed that these deliberate civil and alleged criminal acts were due to PACs preference on political issues, expression on public opinion of political figures, or related to PAC endeavors and activities to support a political issue that is favored by a particular political figure, political party or organization.

[4] PAC has consulted with expert legal counsel on this matter and we shall proceed to take necessary legal action against the suspects of these unethical and illicit acts, inclusive to filing appropriate conflict with local and federal authorities.


[5] April 24, 2015 – PAC in-kind contribution and media services provider arrange and market a pro-Bernie Sanders for President 2016 billboard display ad in New York Time Square. The event is initially reported by New York City daily publication and acknowledge on Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders ( news page. The acknowledgement of this New York City billboard display promotion, along with another February 2015 news article in a Vermont publication reporting on formation of PAC was removed from Sanders’ website following his official 2016 presidential candidacy announcement on April 30, 2015.

PAC wishes to let the memo records show that FEC regulations forbid any form of affiliation or working relation between candidate campaign committees and any I/E PAC, which prevent any federal candidate from directly delegating or endorsing PAC in any way, avoid conflicts of interest that violate federal law.

[6] May 3, 2015. PAC launches One Million Duty Pledge Campaign, a national grassroots activities for volunteers to cost effectively support Senator Bernie Sanders decision to run for presidential candidacy in 2016 without the use of corporate PAC monies. The campaign is completed by August 6, 2015.

[7] June 18, 2015 – Let the memo records show PAC filed FEC Form-1 Amendment (FILING FEC-010775) for change of PAC name to avoid any potential confusion with Bernie 2016, Inc. Campaign Fund Committee and being in violation of FEC regulations.

[8] July 22, 2015 – Let the memo records show PAC notifies Bernie 2016, Inc. and campaign fund committee’s chief counsel of donors mistakenly sending check donations payable to ‘Bernie Sanders’ or ‘Bernie Sanders for President’. Sanders 2016, Inc. chief counsel replied and PAC has returned the donations to he donors.

[9] August 8, 2015 Working relationship with ActBlue is terminated with PAC for ambiguous reason following a donation for $47,300 submitted via ActBlue website in July by a high profile Hollywood celebrity. ActBlue’s response to PAC account closure and rejection of online donation for $47,300 and submission of signed PAC donor agreement from donor was as follows: ‘Unfortunately, since we were unable to clarify the details of your organization’s legal status and whether this donation was intended for the Federal IE PAC, this donation failed at the credit card level. It will not be processed via ActBlue.’

According to Wikipedia, ActBlue is a United States political action committee established in June 2004 that enables anyone to raise money on the Internet for the Democratic Party candidates of their choice. It is independent of the Democratic Party itself and does not endorse individual candidates. ActBlue has grown quickly to become a major fundraising tool for Democrats, with over 445 federal candidates and committees using the service during the 2014 election cycle.

As of March 2015, ActBlue had raised more than $710 million USD for Democratic candidates at various levels of politics, making it the largest single source of funds in United States politics. The organization is open to all registered Democratic campaigns, candidates and 501c4 organizations. ActBlue is a not-for-profit organization. ActBlue officially incurs costs of 3.95% of the gross contribution, and those fees are passed on to campaigns.

[10] September 11, 2015 – PAC chief director Cary Lee Peterson makes rebuttal statements and comments in published press article, responding to false allegations mentioned in libelous news blog article published September 10, 2015 that attempts to defame and slander PAC. [See reference URL link:]

“I hereby declare the statements and information provided within the Mid-Year FEC Report memo valid and true to the best of my knowledge and possess supporting records to further the material content of this memo as factual.” -Cary Peterson

Cary L. Peterson
Treasurer & Chief Director
Americans Socially United

Official memo from Americans Socially United, Pro-Bernie Sanders PAC following Mid-Year Filing at Federal Election Commission




FILING FEC-1024961

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  • Anyone can read… clearly stated on their website…

    “BETONBERNIE.COM, PLEDGESANDERS2016.COM, SOCIALLYUNITED.ORG, Americans Socially United is a political action committee registered with U.S. Federal Election Commission – No. C00572537 – All rights reserved. This website was paid for by Americans Socially United (fka Ready for Bernie Sanders 2016 PAC) and is not authorized by any political candidate or party.”

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