Paris shootings in city centre and explosion at Stade de France

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Paris shootings in city centre and explosion at Stade de FranceGunmen have opened fire in several places in the French capital, Paris, causing several casualties, French media report.

At least one man opened fire with an automatic gun at the Cambodge restaurant in the 11th district.

At least 60 people are dead in shootings and bombings in ‪#‎Paris‬. A number of people have also been taken hostage.

Liberation newspaper reports four deaths. It also reports shootings near the Bataclan arts centre.

There were two really loud bangs and they were enormous. I thought it was coming from inside the stadium but someone told me later that they were grenades thrown outside at a restaurant.

Everybody in the stadium was stunned. The match was continuing but people have been told that they will not be able to leave the stadium immediately.

An explosion is also reported to have targeted a bar near Stade de France, where France were hosting Germany.

Reports say President Francois Hollande was watching the match and has been evacuated.

A BBC journalist at the Cambodge restaurant says he can see 10 people on the road either dead or seriously injured.

- Several reportedly dead after gunmen open fire in Paris restaurant
- Explosions also heard across Paris
- Hostages taken in another location, multiple outlets reporting

He says police have now arrived.

Shooting is said to be continuing.


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