Racing to 2016: Bernie Sanders Surges in Key Primary State

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Racing to 2016: Bernie Sanders Surges in Key Primary State

Trump’s controversial antics and hurtful words are igniting right wing dissatisfied voters like a California wildfire in midsummer.

And it may be less about Clinton losing ground than it is about Sanders gaining it. It was Hillary’s first time to drop below 50 percent in the Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Poll this year, according to Raddatz.

The poll also shows Vice President Joe Biden’s support jumping from 8 to 14 percent, as buzz surrounding whether he will get in has grown.

The figures help explain the strong showing in the polls for Trump, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, the three candidates who have all pitched themselves to voters as either political outsiders or alternatives to the mainstream.

Their pitch: that it’s “too early to anoint” a front-runner in the Democratic race and that influential party members should remain open-minded about selecting a candidate to support. “But, our campaign is doing great“, almost stalling the Raddatz right-leaning interview at its beginnings.

“What’s going on now, as I think Secretary Clinton now realizes, is not a good practice”, Sanders said. People are working longer hours for wages. For Hillary Clinton, troubling science of deja Vu all over again. “And we’ve been focusing, quite correctly as you’ve indicated, on the economy, on the collapse of the American middle class, on massive income and wealth inequality”, Sanders said.

Raddatz’s numerous attempts to coax or coerce Sen. “The question for Sanders is going to be, could he take these young people, people who haven’t caucused previously, and have a lot of enthusiasm for his message, and turn them in caucus-goers?” She next turned her attention to Sen. Sanders was asked why national security and foreign policy are missing from his campaign’s website. “Don’t you?” O’Malley replied.

Carl Soderstrom, Democratic Party chairman for Concord, New Hampshire, said Mr. Sanders has managed to bring in “everybody”.

“Your Democratic rivals have been arguing that, when it comes to guns, you are out of step with liberal and progressive primary voters on the issue of gun control”, Tapper countered. “I think using our military is an option, obviously, that we will always have under certain circumstances, but it is the last option”. “I think we could have gotten Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait in a way that did not require a war”.

“It’s a competitive race”, Castro said, adding that no Democratic nominee for president has ever won by 30 points, alluding to Clinton’s onetime polling advantage.


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