Protect your iPhone be sure your the device you’re looking at is clear of all locks and is not blacklisted

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help be sure your the device you're looking at is clear of all locks and is not blacklisted

There are 3 main steps to take to help be sure your the device you’re looking at is clear of all locks and is not blacklisted. Here they are…

1) The number one check you need to do on a second hand iPhone before you buy it, is make sure it is iCloud UNLOCKED.

    I can’t emphasize how important this is!

I see so many buyers forgetting this one check and it can make the difference between getting a great deal and getting a boat anchor!

Apple has even created a tool to tell you whether or not the iPhone you are looking at is iCloud Locked. Click HERE to use the tool. You will need the iPhone’s IMEI or serial number to use the tool. to use the tool.

2) The next thing to do if the item is an iPhone is to be sure it is not BLACKLISTED by a carrier.

A device is Blacklisted when it cannot be signed up with a Carrier (in Canada for instance) due to money being owed on the device and/or the device being reported stolen.

This tool >> Click Here << can tell you if the device is Blacklisted in Canada. If you buy an iPhone and it's Blacklisted in Canada, chances are you won't be able to use it with a Carrier (no cell service. Wifi only) 3) Obviously, the next thing to look for is useability. Is the iPhone in good shape?

Examine the exterior and connections: Look for scratches or chips in the glass. Does the dock connector show noticeable wear? Plug it into charger to make sure it will take a charge. Listen to music through the headphone jack.

Look at the display: Check for dead pixels or color issues. The easiest way to do this is probably to visit the iPhone Dead Pixel Tester, which lets you set the screen to a solid color and make sure there are no stuck pixels.

Surf the Web over Wi-Fi and the cell network if possible: Ideally use the phone in an area where you know what kind of coverage you used to get.

Make a call, send a text: See how the phone handles common tasks and ensure the cell connection and antenna work.

Take a picture: Make sure the image doesn’t show any visual oddities like smudges.

Check the battery: In Settings -> General -> Usage, check the time since last full charge. If you have a return option, charge the phone to full then use it normally for a day or two. See if you are getting the battery life you expected.

Check warranty coverage: Use Apple’s warranty coverage site to find out if the iPhone is still under warranty.

Please be careful when buying a second hand iPhone. I’m not going to say everyone is dishonest, because thats not true. I persoanlly know a lot of members on my groups that are very honest and upfront when selling items. There are those though that will try to fool you.

Watch for broken screens or dead batteries. These are the TWO most used tricks.

1. The seller will say…”…the batteries dead, but we can charge it up if you want to wait. It’s all formatted and unlocked, ready to go. Just charge it when you get home.” DO NOT FALL FOR THIS!!

    Chances are the iPhone is iCloud Locked, Blacklisted or doesn’t work at all!

2. The seller will say “I don’t use iCloud so its never been locked” or “You don’t have to worry about it being iCloud locked. I forgot the password, but there are many ways to unlock it. The Apple Store can do it for you” I’m telling you right now….NO ONE BUT THE OWNER OF THE PHONE CAN iCLOUD UNLOCK IT! Even Apple CANNOT unlock it! If you buy an iPhone that is iCloud Locked and the owner is not available or able to unlock it…YOU HAVE THROWN AWAY YOUR MONEY!!

I hope this page was helpful in preparing you to purchase an iPhone. Always use caution when purchasing a second hand item. My admins and myself are not responsible in anyway for any transactions between members. Buyer beware!

Good luck with your purchase!


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