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11-year-old Quinn Sheeran is coming out smelling like roses today on the Internet after a video showing the young inventor from New Jersey demonstrating a clever deodorant idea was posted online by his cousin, Charlie May.

Watch in the clip above as the preteen takes two everyday items and fuses them into a unique combination that makes the morning grooming experience just a bit more magical. The only question left: just how long until Old Spice hires him?

Update: While not technically “hired” (yet), it turns out that it did not take very long at all for Old Spice to reach out to young Quinn with the following message:

Quinn, we’d like to be the first to congratulate you on winning the coveted 2013 Quinn for the Winn Achievement in Having Music Play While You Apply Old Spice Deodorant Award, which is a very prestigious honor that we just made up right this minute. We’d also like to send you a big, fancy 3-D printer, so you can keep making things that make the world a better place. Have your parents get in touch with us, and thanks for being the most important inventor of all time.

A big kudos goes out to Quinn for the well-earned praise, and our sincere hopes for many more innovations to be featured on here in the future!


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