Perpetuum Software: Our Customers’ Success Is Our Mission

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Perpetuum Software LLC proves that success in the domain of Information Technology never comes out of thin air. The recipe of the Company’s success is a combination of constant self-improvement, regular introduction of top-notch products, staying abreast of the recent developments, and readiness to make experiments and face challenges.

Perpetuum Software’s business ethics, customer service and corporate culture are the vital elements of the Company’s spirit that helps create the most beneficial products called to simplify developers’ daily tasks. It is important to note, that the PS Team is comprised of skilled professionals who do love their job and can provide customers with a high-quality assistance and support. The qualified employees are the core of this business. The Perpetuum Software personnel consists of software engineers with Master’s degree (90%), and Ph. D. (10%).


Perpetuum Software LLC focuses on developing advanced reporting and data visualization systems. The main task of these components is to save developers’ precious time and effort by providing:

Comprehensive report designs of any complexity. These are very flexible and easy in use. For instance, with one of the PS products you can assign complex gauge behavior without writing intricate code: this can be implemented with the help of short expressions in a familiar development language ( report  , for example, or C#).

Exhaustive data analysis. Perpetuum Software data analyzing tools feature a number of handy functions allowing you to gather, extract, filter and share various kinds of data. These tools feature interactive charting option that is very handy for corporate data analysis.

Excellent visualization. Visualization collections help create the most transparent and easy readable tables featuring bar code, shape and picture support. With PS tools it is possible to design and manage even the most complicated intelligent digital dashboards.

To learn more about Perpetuum Software products and packages, please go to the Company’s official website

A Bit of History

The first line of Perpetuum Software products entered the IT market in 2002. The Company was focused on developing professional software components for .Net Framework. In the same year the Company released now globally recognized report generator SharpShooter Reports. It was designed to meet developers’ needs in resolving the most challenging reporting and analytical tasks. For a season (prior to April, 2006), the Company sold its products under the trademark of their partner 9Rays.Net. In 2006 the team started to market its products under its own trademark and extended the scope of its interests to creating several product lines for Microsoft .NET Framework. In two years, Perpetuum Software LLC merged with Enterra Inc. which is a widely recognized software consulting and development company. In 2008 the team was granted the Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Status with ISV / Software Solutions Competency.

About the Company
Perpetuum Software LLC is an international provider of software products with offices in the USA, Latin America, Europe and Russia. The Company’s goal is to provide multifunctional tools allowing developers resolve the most complicated reporting and visualising tasks –

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