Perpetuum Software UI Controls for Windows 8: a Brief Overview

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Ever since its establishment over a decade ago, Perpetuum Software LLC has always been one of the leading companies in developing reporting and data visualization components called to help programmers’ in managing their routine tasks. One of the most distinct Company’s features is rapid reaction to new technologies development and introduction. The professional team of the Perpetuum Software LLC (consisting of 10% Ph.D and 90% Master’s Degree holders) always starts to develop new versions of its tools compatible with the most brand-new technologies at the same time with the launch of these technologies. Today the Company is proud to offer its current and prospective customers a toolset of great User Interface controls specially designed for Windows 8.

About Perpetuum UI Controls for Windows 8

The toolset comprises ten WinRT XAML controls which mainly focus on improvement of data input and layout. The package is completely compatible with WinRT technology, and thus helps developers save time, effort and money by increasing productivity and speeding up the entire process. The new controls suite includes the following tools:

Radial Menu Control. This touch-centric component is probably the most distinct feature of the whole toolset. It is a very logical and easy-to-navigate application.

Calendar Control. This app is an improved, feature-rich version of the conventional calendar.

Color Picker. Developers will definitely love this control. It allows changing colors of the Windows 8 app elements. With this control you can either select a tint directly from the palette or color editor.

Text Box. This is an extended Windows 8 text box component. Its distinctive feature is possibility to add specific items (for instance, you can add buttons inside the control).

Plain Menu. This component is very handy, as it leaves more space for the application content.

Time Picker. A simple control allowing you setting time with the help of two elements (for hours and minutes).

Date Picker. This component allows setting date in a required format with the help of the drop-down calendar.

XAML Rating Control. This is a great solution for those who wish to have basic evaluating tools within their Windows 8 app. The control can be adjusted according to your app’s interface.

Numeric Box. This useful control allows changing some numeric data in your project.

Flyout Control. This tool allows you to add flyout menus with customizable controls.

The toolset also includes Expander function which resembles expandable window with a header. In order to learn more about the brand-new package of UI Windows 8 controls, and other Company’s products, please visit the Perpetuum Software LLC official website

About the Company
Perpetuum Software LLC is a team of experienced software engineers which are led by desire to simplify the routine developers’ tasks. The Company is recognized worldwide and has its offices in the USA, Latin America, Europe and Russia.

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