Best Solution to incorporate Grasp on your iphone 3gs

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When you’re seeking a non-slip iPhone back for the apple iphone 5, apple iphone 4S, or apple iphone 4, then you’ve arrive right position!

The Apple apple iphone is definitely an exquisitely intended machine in all probability probably the most gorgeous cellular phones offered for the current market. Genuinely the only flaw could be the back is extremely slippery. Utilizing the apple iphone four and apple iphone 4S, the rear is constructed of glass, despite the fact that it appears superb, the glass is just seriously slippery along with you or pockets. apple iphone 5 elevated about this by getting an aluminum back, which surely adds a lot more grip, but it’s even now a fairly wise and slippery substance.

Slip Stopper Non-Slip iPhone Back

Due to this we generated Slip Stopper, a non-slip iPhone back pores and skin sticker. Slip Stopper is manufactured in the delicate gel resin, which not merely safeguards the rear of your respective apple iphone, but on top of that adds wonderful grip and it can be non-slip.

We went in on the identical challenges as you did before we manufactured Slip Stopper. You are going to uncover most situations while in the market place, but they’re often unpleasant, large, or bulky. Certain, they are non-slip, even so they absolutely damage the sort of your gorgeous apple iphone. We desired to generate one thing which was basic and very simple for that apple iphone again, nevertheless concurrently extra non-slip attributes.

A different issue with non-slip iPhone back instances or skins, could be the incontrovertible fact that things will adhere in your pockets, that is really aggravating. With Slip Stopper, you don’t want to hassle concerning this trouble. The exclusively treated gel resin provides grip along with you and it is non-slip on tables and auto docks, but is smooth when sliding in your pockets or luggage. The wonder of science! =)

You unquestionably don’t want any residue with your apple iphone with any non-slip iPhone back skin situation. The adhesive we combined with Slip Stopper would be the patented 3M technology, that may be multiple-use leaving zero residue or sticky marks within your apple iphone. You are ready to use and re-apply as a lot of situations when you would really like, so go wild!

Hunting for a non-slip iPhone back?

When you’re looking for a non-slip iPhone back pores and skin, we stimulate you to take a look at our product or service, Slip Stopper. We originally unveiled on KickStarter coupled with an outstanding reception within the community. Chances are you’ll also just take a glance at some films underneath during the YouTube community.

We get this to non-slip iPhone back pores and skin product or service for that apple iphone five, apple iphone 4S, and apple iphone four. We’re also usually upgrading Slip Stopper for that most recent and greatest iOS and Android items. Require a look at

Non-Slip iPhone 5 Back


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