How to Save Money on Business Class to Sydney Tickets

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Flights to Sydney are long and tiring. Investing in a business class to Sydney airline ticket helps make the difference whether the flight is a pain or pleasure. Finding discounted business class tickets takes a little work, but can save big money.

Contact the Airline Directly

USAToday recommends that passengers directly contact the airline and ask for deals on business class flights to Sydney or other Australian destinations. Keep in mind that these reduced price tickets are often non-refundable and require the customer to spend a minimum amount of days at Sydney. Ask the airline if they have any special deals or discounts if tickets are purchased with any specific credit card.

Contact the Credit Card Company

Most credit card companies have deals with major airlines that offer discounts on any ticket purchased. For example, a credit card may offer a two for one deal, where you can get a free business class ticket for each one purchased. Check with your credit card company to see if you need to upgrade your credit card or open a new card in order to take advantage of these savings.

Contact a Lesser Known Airline

If the first two steps do not pan out, try booking flights to Sydney with a lesser known airline. They often feature less expensive business class tickets in order to build a new client base. Ask for a Z or Zed fare, which is a discounted fare for business class tickets during times when travel is light. They may not be available for all flights to Australia.

Ask For An Upgrade

Those who already purchased coach tickets need not despair. When checking, ask the airline employee if any seats are available in business class. There are usually no-shows or last minute cancellations for many flights.

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