Video Press Release

Free Video Press Release

To add or embed a video in a press release, the video must be first added to The resulting video URL should be mentioned in the press release. The video will be then automatically embedded in the press release below the video URL using auto-sensing technology. You are free to add the video version of the press release, product video, company video, or any other type of video.

Here are the instructions in more detail -

The video URL should look like –, where video_code is specific to your video.

If you are already submitting your press release, then skip this step, else click to submit press release for free

For proper press release formatting, the video URL must appear after first 500 characters if there is no image in the press release, and after first 1000 characters if an image is added to the press release. Logos added through business profile are exempt from this condition.

The video URL must be in the last line in any paragraph or be in a single line, again, for proper formatting.

The embedded video will be visible in preview mode during submission process.

If you see a big blank space below the video URL, instead of the video, then you may have an incorrect video URL. You can test the video URL simply by pasting it in your web browser.

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