How it Works

How Our Fast And Simple Process Works

We have created a simple to use process that gets your news published with ease. Whether it be for a product launch, event, new hire or appointment, you can simply take your newsworthy announcement and quickly bring it to the forefront of today’s news. When you submit your press release telling everyone all about your organization: new product launches, current services updates, company announcement and so on. We distribute your news to the most popular search engines and the eMediaWorld online network to reach the most journalists and target audience.

Thus, the service helps improve your business image and gain excellent publicity.

We make it easy for you to connect to your target audience. Share your story. Increase your online visibility today!

    Step 1. Register and Activate Your FREE Press Release Account

Signing up couldn’t be easier! We have made the sign up process as simple as possible. All you need to sign up is your name and email address. Once provided, we will send you a confirmation email link to activate your account. Now you are at the doorstep of potential clients and customers!

Activating your account is as simple as a few clicks! Clicking the activation button in the confirmation email automatically activates your free account! Once activated, we provide you with a choice of submitting your news using our FREE basic press release service or taking advantage of our Premium Featured submission service! It’s that simple!

    Step 2. Choose your level of Distribution and Exposure

Our Free Basic eMediaWorld Press Release Submission Service

Our intuitive submission panel makes submission simple. Getting your news out to your audience has never been easier. With our simple press release submission process, just login to our easy to use press release management system, post your release and your news will become tomorrow’s industry headlines.

Our Premium Featured eMediaWorld Press Release Submission Service

Our Premium Featured press release even allows you to add your company logo, images, keywords, hyper links, and video to your press release. Optimized for Web Readers and Search Engines, your premium featured press release will strengten your message and company branding! Premium Featured press release approval by our editoral team is fast and your press release can be off running to the presses within hours.

We designed the most reasonable press release submission process for users to make submitting press release even simpler and faster. We also added powerful functions in order to facilitate you being able to compose a professional and SEO friendly press release in a few steps, to ensure your press release gain a great start.

Gain SEO Power

The largest search engines like Google heavily weight its Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) towards the anchor text of links to a page. We not only enable you to add anchor text links in your press release, but also make this function very easy to be used.

No matter you are a professional or a new hand publisher, it will be quite easy for you to add anchor text links in your press release and improve your search engine visibility.

Build Business Image

Multimedia elements like images and video could make your press release much more attractive to journalists and readers. They can also effectively show your professional business image to potential buyers directly, to build your product or organization’s credibility in the best manner.

We allow you to add images, video in their press releases, and optimized the way they are displayed in your news page. What you need to do is simply adding them in your story and fully shows your professional image as well as gain more awareness by your interactive press release.

Connect You with Users

You are also allowed to add your website link or even embed your website in your press release directly. These features could significantly shorten the distance between you and your target audience.

When readers, potential customers and journalists reading your press release, these privileges make it easier for them to reach your website for more information and buy your products.

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