Disruptive Physician

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That it was Ralph Waldo Emerson who told us that “To be genuine in the world which is constantly making you something more important is the best accomplishment.” A couple weeks ago I had created a chance to attend a hearing in Sioux Falls-it lasted from 9 a.m. until 5:20 p.m.-during which Dr, Annette Bosworth, who was a guest with this program a couple weeks ago continues to resist the South dakota Medical Board’s plus the healthcare establishment’s efforts to produce her into another thing because-when attributed with on the list of systems-she spent to much time with patients and confronted hospital staff when she felt patient care had been compromised.

Whenever a healthcare system views doctor not to ever be “fully accountable” towards the standard of care and behavior, the opportunity to inflict harm and to defame. But Dr. Bosworth-who now practices independently over and above corporate medicine-is within another Emerson quote: “Our greatest glory seriously isn’t in never failing, in rising up whenever we fall.” Dr. Bosworth will continue to go up up as she moves on together with her “patient-centered home care center” and her professional encounter with a few of her peers. I wish her well.

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