Dissent gets you investigated as a doctor in South dakota

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On May 30, Dr. Annette Bosworth wrote a feeling column in the Sioux Falls paper alleging which the state Board of Medical and Osteopathic Examiners had “reprimanded” an adolescent doctor after he disclosed which he has multiple sclerosis. SDBMOE president Dr. Robert L. Ferrell shot back a June 12 letter for the editor that Dr. Bosworth’s statement was “totally untrue.” SDBMOE would not issue such a reprimand, nonetheless it did impose on March 16, 2012, a “voluntary” stipulation on Dr. Jacob Kusmak which he practice only under mentorship connected with an approved doctor.

Dr. Bosworth contends that this state board requires doctors seeking licensure to reply to questions in hawaii applications that violate the Americans with Disabilities Act. She argues that physicians like Dr. Kusmak already submit to enough training and scrutiny without submitting to invasive SDBMOE queries about illness and addiction that “do not elicit meaningful knowledge regarding competence and go against the ADA.”

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