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Creation ?nd distribution depends generally ?n th? marketing strategy opted b? ?n organization. Th? marketing strategy m??nl? involves th? advertising ?nd advertising ?f ??ur product. It helps ?n environment u? ? brand image ?nd m?k?? romantic relationship w?th th? target market. Designing revolutionary ?nd attractive advertisements, imaginative images ?nd brand recognitions ?r? th? targets ?f advertising strategy th?t ultimately outcomes ?n increased sales. Identifying th? market ?nd promoting ? product or service ?r service t? th?t market ?? th? key t? achieve th?t goal. N? enterprise ??n afford t? lose customers ?nd th?? h????n? ?nl? wh?n ??u ignore th? customers ?nd never educate th?m ?b?ut ??ur products. W?th th? advancement ?n technology ?nd th? growth ?f world wide web, ?t h?? b???m? essential f?r ?v?r? company t? u?? online advertising strategies f?r promotion ?f th??r products.

Online advertising ?? ? method ?f marketing th?t u??? internet t? deliver th? concept ?b?ut ??ur product t? th? public. Wh?l? globe ?? connected t? ???h ?th?r w?th internet ?nd ?t ?? th? simplest w?? ?f spreading ??ur product details t? th? entire world. Wh?n ??u ?r? ?v?r internet; ??u g?t worldwide b?f?r? ?v?n ??u kn?w ?b?ut it. Marketing products ?r services ?v?r internet h?? grown v?r? rapidly. The idea ?? reported th?t online advertising h?? reached ?v?r $25 billion dollars US Dollars. Th?? includes th? advertising ?v?r engines like google, display advertising ?v?r d?ff?r?nt websites, online classifieds, video advertising ?nd email marketing. Th? primary reason ?f th?? growth ?n online advertising ?? th? cost effectiveness ?nd ?mm?d??t? shipping and delivery ?f desired information t? th? audience.

Growth ?f social media websites h?? pressured th? marketing experts t? align th?m??lv?? w?th th? net marketing technique, termed ?? social media marketing. Social media marketing involves th? techniques u??d t? advertise ??ur products ?nd services ?v?r websites th?t offer social networking options t? th??r users. Internet surfers ?r? growing rapidly ?v?r social networking websites ?nd w?th m?r? th?n 600 million users, Facebook ?? th? largest social networking website ?t th? minute.

Oth?r th?n social networking, Facebook ?? n?w u??d ?? ?n effective marketing application ?v?r internet ?? well. W?th ?v?r 1000 million users, th?? individual platform h?? th? capacity t? h?l? ? firm grow ?v?r internet. Facebook ?r?v?d?? ? number ?f features th?t ??n h?l? ?n branding ?nd increased public awareness ?b?ut ? company’s merchandise. Pages ?nd groups ?r? n? uncertainty effective marketing tools nevertheless th? features ?f Facebook ads ?r? genuine competitive advantage ?n? ??n have got. If setup effectively, th??? ads ??n r??ll? bring ? improve t? th? ultimate goal ?f ?n advertising strategy, th?t is, sales.

Facebook ads ?r? easy t? setup ?nd supply ??m? good options t? target ??ur market. Th? f?r?t step t?w?rd? ? successful advertising campaign ?? t? design ?n innovative ?nd attractive advertisement. Facebook ?ll?w? ??u t? advertise ??ur ?wn website, Facebook web page ?r ?v?n ?n event th?t ??u m?ght h?v? created ?v?r ??ur web page. B? creative wh?l? designing ??ur ads b???u?? ?n Facebook, ??u ??n ?nl? h?v? ? 25 characters name ?nd 135 characters explanation. Y?u ??n ?l?? u?? ?n image t? spice u? ??ur ad ? tiny.

Th? target audience selection ?? v?r? extensive w?th Facebook ads. Y?u ??n n?t ?nl? target men and women b? th??r geographical location but ??n ?l?? decide on th? gender, age boundaries, likes, interest ?nd ?v?n education and learning. Th? m??t powerful targeting tools ?? th? ‘Like & Interests’ tool. If ??u ?r? planning t? promote cell phones, ??u ??n goal th? people, wh? ?lr??d? h?v? ‘liked’ th? pages ?f v?r??u? cellular phone brands.

Advantages ?f Facebook Marketing

Y?u ??n develop ??ur ?wn Facebook page th?t acts ?u?t l?k? ??ur ?wn web site
Fan f?ll?w?ng ??n b? measured w?th th? Facebook Likes ?f ? page
Comprehensive concentrating on ?v?n ?ll?w? ??u t? target fans ?f ?n ?lr??d? proven Facebook page
Y?u ??n select ??ur optimum advertising cost options f?r Cost per click ?nd CPM
Daily advertising budget ??n b? ?????f??d
Advertising ??n b? scheduled. Y?u ??n select wh?n t? start ?nd ?nd th? marketing campaign
Good click thr?ugh rate ?f ads ?f ads ?r? designed correctly
Cost ??r click (Cost-per-click) ?nd cost ??r thousand opinions (CPM) ?? l?w ?n comparison w?th ?th?r display advertising alternatives
Incorporating online advertising ?? essential f?r ? productive marketing strategy. All world wide web marketing experts agree th?t Facebook takes on ?n important role ?n positioning ?nd positioning ?f ??ur brand. B? creative, analysis th? target market properly ?nd choose ??ur audience wisely t? g?t m??t ?ut ?f ?
social media marketing strategy .

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