Finding Houses For Sale in Lagos Nigeria

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In Lagos, Nigeria, there’s a tourism boom intending to be unleashed following development efforts and economic growth that promises many possibilities to investors. The effect of it is a rapidly expanding real estate investment sector offering unlimited the opportunity to reap bountiful harvests from. For example Several years ago undeveloped land inside the Lekki axis of Lagos Nigeria and Ikoyi areas sold for under half its market value with developed properties selling now and again intended for one third of the current monatary amount. This can be an indication of an authentic estate boom and unlike the stock market boom of 2004 – 2008 the real estate boom is surely an investor’s haven.

This raises a number of the issues that will naturally be encountered on account of people preferences and choices with buying houses. Many problems are linked to exchanging of houses in Lagos Nigeria in fact it is only proper I mention a few of them before listing out places to get houses to acquire or sell.

One of the main problems would be the omooniles (descendants from the land owners or original occupants of communities in Lagos Nigeria). These are generally idle and Lazy folks that desire to lay claim to nearly every major development going on on Land they own already sold to individuals. By extorting money and collecting illegal fees these omooniles make life difficult for home owners or people desiring to build their unique houses. Be keeping an eye out for them after you buy a property in Lagos Nigeria. Your best protection against omooniles is straight from reputable property companies or acquire land completely the us government and produce as quickly as possible. Different problems you face will be real estate fraudsters who might with regards to faking info of some reputable real-estate companies so that you can hoodwink home seekers along with other real estate investors. A number of these fraudsters make offers that are too useful to be true or unrealistically attractive to recieve for your money. Always refer to patronizing reputable real-estate agencies and firms assure which you visit their offices to make sure that their authenticity.

In ’09, and onwards there are numerous places to start your for houses available in Lagos Nigeria. Here’s a selection of an index of places to get homes for sale in Lagos Nigeria;

1. Online Classified Adverts

Classified online adverts like those found on, and some websites of real estate investment companies is a major channel for locating houses as well as other property for sale in Lagos Nigeria.

2. News papers and magazine publications

Several newspapers run dedicated editions for promotion or informing the general public about the opportunity to sell and buy houses in Lagos Nigeria. By far the most recognized is likely to the Guardian Newspaper which runs a Monday Edition specialized in the real estate sector. Another famous publication for getting homes for sale in Lagos Nigeria is castles magazine. There’s also Properties and Homes magazine amongst others. The draw back is always that these publications can only be bought in Nigeria as they don’t circulate globally hence people living abroad may not find this option convenient.

3. Recognized real estate investment companies and Agencies

There are many of real estate property companies in Nigeria just a few recognized include Jide Taiwo and co, Ubosi Eleh and Co, Diya Fatimilehin and co, UAC Properties Limited and Unions Homes among others. Contacting such companies is search of houses for sale is a different way to handle it. This choice covers you but not directly from those activities of omooniles.

4. Enquiries on on-going projects

You might also ask about ongoing projects such as construction of housing estates along with other similar projects directly from the contractors who could refer someone to the property agency or company handling the project and also the dog owner in order to meet with and negotiate a great deal whenever possible. However not every housing projects have options for selling houses as many of them may be tenement projects in which case owners merely serious about letting out.


Be warned that does not all adverts or information made available on channels available for sale of homes in Lagos are credible and reliable, you will be advised to still carryout some research in the claims because some housing fraudsters take presctiption the prowl wanting to defraud unsuspecting buyers of homes in Lagos Nigeria. Also possible for locating homes for sale in Lagos Nigeria will be the choice of referral marketing from people with your online community although this is hardly as reliable because other earlier options.

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