The Noise About Re-Branding – Has it truly Changed Nigeria

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Nigeria for a nation has suffered untold hardship to her past political leaders who were bent on self enrichment and acting scripts written by their sponsors. As the saying, “No condition is permanent” goes, someone can see today that God is gradually offering the great thing about this country called NIGERIA.

America has produced a great number of moat people that have not simply made us proud, but have carved a niche market on their own, printing their names in the history book of records so that nobody can deny they ever existed.

In past times many items have already been done or experienced which often discussing proud. Things like this which distrust among brothers or nations, yet we have to progress like a folks one world. The fact remains that irrespective of how one tries to bury a wounded experienced originating from a brother, somebody or even a spouse, something may happen eventually to trigger one’s memory.

History features a strategy for dispensing judgement. Nigeria has appeared to be the bad boy from the Whiteman, but that had been in past times, the Whiteman have not found a good reason to forgive. We remember the times of advance fee fraud that painted the united states with dark colours, yet those Nigerians cant be found alone – they have White friends and allies that aid them in those acts. Nigeria hasn’t been alone in those evil acts, notwithstanding, people will still think that another race is in charge of their status in everyday life.

If your Blacks think back, history reminds them of the bondage of slavery that keeps them in annoyance while using Whites. Within the same hand, the Whites are angered while using the ugly practices of the Blacks such that they couldn’t drive them to confidence. Each one of these have hampered the progress of both parties. Yet in the middle of these differences, the two Blacks as well as the Whites should live together nowadays – the Whites have to have the Blacks therefore carry out Blacks need the Whites.

One question that constantly begs for the answer is this, “Do the Blacks and the Whites ever planning to see themselves jointly people under one God?”

Now, to the topic. Nigeria would be the big boy of Africa (the Blacks) and America stands for the Whites. For quite a while both these giants have allowed history to make sure they’re in agony of hating themselves, that’s trapped them before – hence the ugly records of failures.

Operational life today, you locate it difficult to see a united states transact business which has a Nigerian. Most will bluntly let you know that they may have not employ NIGERIA and NIGERIANS. But the story goes, if Americans don’t require us, we end up needing them (to the interest of oneness). Worse still, Nigeria along with African countries are taken from almost all ecommerce business directories, which makes it difficult for both countries to transact business together. Though fraud abounds, yet no one country has monopoly of fraud. I never seen a 100% fraud-free nation. Yet fraud is condemnable – it truly is evil, unethical, a sin against God and man, and a sin up against the government.

Removing Nigeria along with African countries from the Whiteman’s business directory is unacceptable. The reason being the experience can not be considered a panacea to checking fraud, rather it aggravates it. As people sleep and wake, lots of new ideas are developed. Many “sharp” practices and hi-tech manipulations are employed achieve some certain ambitions. Somebody must survive and live just like the most of other people, as well as in wanting to achieve this, some rules has to be broken.

When some countries around the globe popularized capital punishment as a technique of curbing criminal activities, they did not go far achievable because criminality kept multiplying everyday as well as the smartest choice is to scrap it, otherwise, the whole of humanity are going to be affected.

America is God-fearing. Her slogan, “In God We Trust” says all of it. In Nigeria, just about every household can offer a Church and also a mosque, with respect to the area. This means, many of us rely on one God. To ensure the critical for our success and freedom in your life is at our hands – to perform precisely what the Word of God encourages: “Remember ye not the previous things, neither find the things of old” (Isaiah 43:18). And once we neglect the past as well as set onto forge ahead, God states that He’ll “do the latest thing…” in this lives and heal our land (Isaiah 43:19; 2 Chronicles 7:14).

I want to generate a quality decision to live and come together. God sees the two Nigerian, the American and then for any other person that believes in Him as His blessed child who’s going to be a part of a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, plus a peculiar people (1 Peter 2:9). Given that They are concerned, these people are special.

Apart from the indisputable fact that God has called NIGERIA blessed, yet many things usually overshadow that blessedness. Discovered like people’s ugly perceptions of Nigeria due to past experiences. They’ve for quite a while called her “big-for-nothing”, ridiculed and cajoled, yet those are words of false prophets and teachers, in line with God’s Word (2 Peter 2:19). Today NIGERIA stop being ‘big for something’. My wife evolved with out longer lives where others has placed her. She NOW eats top (Galatians 5:1; 2 Corinthians 5:17). She’s re-branded, truly born again!

However, I must interest the govt of Federal Republic of Nigeria, to please behave in terms the fact that folks will placed their trust in them 100%. Within the cases, where one segment of people will in wickedness, descend on another making casualties, destroyed properties, dead people of several ages, with no comment or the assistance of the govt is unacceptable. No one Nigerian is unimportant, irrespective he/she derives from – the Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba along with the rest of the ethnic groups of Nigeria contribute to learn, because with virtually no of these, there would be NO NIGERIA. You cannot find any point trying to chase shadows as you move the substance is extremely close by. Whatever owed to folks can’t be tampered with. Stick for the rule of law, do precisely what is right and God will do the remaining. John the Baptist advised soldiers in authority being proud of their wages and dispense justice without fear or favour. The us government of NIGERIA need to do precisely the same too. The past continues to be past, we’re today, let’s join hands together as well as the sun will obviously shine for us.

I think most sincerely anytime we are sincere as to what perform, we now have every directly to have the goodness of God atlanta divorce attorneys region of us, and so, no nation offers the directly to oppress us. Righteousness would be the only thing which is perfect for restoring the arrogance and prestige of your nation, when we all do this no nation on this planet will deny the fact we now have evolved. Righteousness will raise NIGERIA and earn all nations around the world in your thoughts her, because with that, she becomes the bird that lays the golden eggs. For this reason a good option to remain the modern world today is NIGERIA – I invite you to take a trip to NIGERIA, does not glad learn about.

Finally, I wish to fascinate all those who own online/offline businesses to, as a matter of oneness and repair to humanity, link up to NIGERIA plus the the majority of Africa, if you can partner as well as their central governments in the example of fraud-check. This works, I think. Being black is very little death sentence – it is just a pride! GOD BLESS NIGERIA.

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