Take the party along with you- DanceTrippin launches on Yamgo Mobile TV

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Thursday 20th December 2012

Contact Name: Harriet Rees
Company name: Yamgo TV
Telephone number: 01792 614691
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Popular Dance music funnel, DanceTrippin TV entertains audiences on- the- go after establishing on the Yamgo Mobile TV network…
Swansea, UK-Now you can go ahead and take party wherever you go since epic music route DanceTrippin TV launches on the Yamgo mobile television network. Now, numerous dance music lovers can watch and listen closely to some of the world’s biggest DJ’s participate in at out-of-this world events all from the convenience with their mobile, tablet or computer.
Tim Metz, Managing Director of DanceTrippin TV stated, “Our viewers are excited about the music they enjoy. They want to listen to skilled DJ’s play at the largest and best parties around the world. DanceTrippin TV brings all this plus much more to dance music fans and now we can do this anytime by using the Yamgo platform. Yamgo today distributes the best DanceTrippin TV movies direct to the hands individuals viewers for them to entry whenever they like from their particular mobile devices.”

DanceTrippin delivers dancing music television loaded with exclusive footage from a few of the world’s biggest DJs playing at parties, festivals as well as concerts from around the globe. The key content of the station is “DanceTrippin Episodes” which are one hour or so long live tracks of epic DJ sessions.

Viewers can watch along with listen to amazing audio tracks skills direct from the DJ’s mixer via strategically placed cameras in the DJ booth and between the party so the audience gets the experience that they’re right there, at the centre associated with some of the planet’s most remarkable music events.

DanceTrippin get gained access to the most immense clubs which tend to be famous for their larger-than-life celebrations. DanceTrippin has filmed across the world in locations such as London, Berlin, Amsterdam and dance party capital-Ibiza.

Obtaining shot over 200 episodes of DJ’s playing live, one hour sessions, DanceTrippin been employed with some of the biggest DJ brands in the business.

Ian Mullins the creator and CEO of Yamgo talks about DanceTrippin TV, “DanceTrippin brings the most quality content from the Dancing music entertainment variety to Yamgo. Viewers will now have the ability to watch legendary DJ’s when they like direct from his or her mobile device. Dance songs has such a spectacular following worldwide and we all expect the channel to be extremely popular about the Yamgo network”.

The Yamgo mobile TV network delivers over 100 are living and linear routes for viewers to await free, all over the world. As well as supplying a Music style, followers can also choose from Amusement, Fashion, News, Game and Bollywood.

Yamgo is compatible with 1000s of devices via Wi- Fi, 2.5G, 3 grams and 4G connections. Visitors can watch DanceTrippin TV from a mobile device at http://yamgo.mobi/dance-trippin-tv Yamgo mobile TV also has a good app that can always be downloaded from the iTunes app store and Google Play app store.

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Yamgo is a mobile TV network that delivers live tv set and video clips to mobile telephones worldwide. Enjoyed simply by millions of viewers around the world, Yamgo allows consumers to view TV for free on almost any mobile device and share the ability with friends. A number of the biggest brands globally including Sony, RT, Style TV and many more use Yamgo’s special and end-to-end mobile TV solution to ingest, host, manage, optimise, provide and monetise live TV and video on any Ip address enabled device.

Yamgo’s technological innovation platform has been made to maximise the if it is compatible across networks as well as phones. It does this particular by dynamically adapting video channels to address the different wants of more than 10,000 mobile products and networks from 2.5G, 3G and 4G to Wi-Fi and high speed. Yamgo delivers the experiences involving live television, primetime encoding and video-on-demand services on all major device systems including Java, Android, iPhone, iPad, Symbian and much more.

Founded in 2005 by Ian Mullins, an expert throughout mobile TV technology and submitting, Yamgo has evolved from a small staff producing made-for-mobile video clips into a developer of provider grade mobile TV technology, specialising in the delivery of real-time linear TV. His vision is to deliver free reside TV and video to mobile phones worldwide and empower consumers with access to his or her favourite TV shows anytime anywhere. Yamgo has office buildings in Swansea and Birmingham and a team regarding experts from the mobile, advertising and marketing, IT and TV market sectors.

For more information about Yamgo handled end-to-end services and hosted articles delivery technology and solutions, please visit: http://www.yamgo.com

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