Please Prepare Your Battery Pack

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Figure2** The block plan for the introduction regarding P-MOS structure, the actual usage of N-MOS structure.Dell Inspiron 1000 Battery, ** The block plans for the principle framework, the actual circuit to go changes without notice.
Pair of samples packageFigure 3** According to the shape of packaging, protection board named “male turtle,In . magnetic pulse sparks named “female turtle.” ** The particular package suitable for the use of special mosaic spend and other shell can require additional special packaging options.

Safety Board set trials the installation of
Please prepare your battery pack, and then continue with the installation following diagram: male Houin installed in any one of the batteries, the dark line will change the present only the unfavorable terminal of the battery: red line then your battery positive, nowhere line then the battery negative, black line in series linked to a battery under the beneficial: above diagram, a mans turtle mounted on a battery of the battery, Dell Inspiron 1000 Electric battery, Dell Inspiron 2200 Battery, Landline telephones, in order to better protect the thermal runaway, the best of them installed in the battery group near the middle of the battery power.Figure 4
defend of protection purpose setting

(1), over-charging safety settings: When the battery is assembled with a male tortoise, you should use the original battery charger will charge battery full, and then switch to 60V 12v charger for 48V battery asking group, or the right to use 48V charger 36V battery pack packs to recharge, as we can turn green, plus a very long period of time will not turn red, this time around charging loop is actually locked, to restore the actual charge, please disconnect the charger then plug in the 12v charger can be restored . Overcharge security in the practical application in the exception for the safety of high voltage cut-off charger charging signal to prevent battery injury due to overcharge.Dell Inspiron 2200 Battery, Overcharge protection voltage is factory set value of room temperature 15.35V ± 0.15V, when the temperature changes, and changes to safeguard voltage,Dell Inspiron 1000 Electric battery, Dell Inspiron 2200 Battery, Dell 312-0292 Battery Dell INSPIRON 2600 Battery power, 25 ? for 15.35V, 15 , at around 16.53V, 0 ?, when the 20.7V , 35 ? for Fifteen.17V, 45 ? for Fourteen.99V, 55 ? above are 13.2V.

(2), over-discharge defense settings: the battery is actually assembled in the car trip until the controller into the low-voltage protection, or to utilize electric discharge machines into 10.5V/12V, and then use the electric line or other resistive load to proceed to discharge when the current will drop to 15.2V after the discharge is terminated, a long time to fill connection, the battery current is not less than 10V/12V.

(Several), thermal runaway protection, detection: the first gang of battery charging, once the voltage is more than 13.5V/12V, the male turtle while using hair dryer to blow hot, when the temp reaches about Fifty-five ? when the charger will certainly turn green, in the thermal runaway safety.Conditions permit, you can put the whole group of cells into incubators, and also to maintain a temperature regarding 60 ?, charging can be prohibited discharge let.

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