User-Friendly Smailex is in Open Beta now

December 16, 2012 4:17 AM0 commentsViews: 17

Today, an Expedia-like Shipping Service, Smailex, launches a whole new version that has a redesigned interface. “We welcome users to come back and check out more functional and smarter service that could be designed conserve time on searching and scheduling shipping”, says Ivan Grekov, Smailex’ CEO.

In hindsight in their history, Smailex began to run the Alpha version in May 2012.

“Past experience gave us an awesome insight of how users behave and what might lead to them difficulties. I am driven via the have to make a fairly easy, straightforward service that saves people time when seeking quotes from courier companies. In the aim, we’ve simplified the interface and implemented design and functional features making Smailex safer to use.

Also, providing Alpha, we understood that that the carriers don’t always give final quotas. Pricing may have hidden fees (oversize fee, pick-up fee, residential area delivery fee). We chose to makes this process clear and developed each of our tool that shows all different parts of prices.

Another tool we’ve intended to help our client ship with pleasure stands out as the automatic analysis of dimensions of the delivered things. If there’s an opportunity for clients to chop costs on better packaging, we notify them with that.

Aside from that, we’ve made the backend re-factoring. Now our services are even faster and even more stable. A lot of the important as a consequence of high-load connections in order to third-party technologies like Google geo-coding service, APIs of courier companies and Amazon’s platform. People are creating a very good and marketable item that should fit high end requirements.

Within our plans is connecting with additional couriers and expanding when it comes to delivery methods. As an example, people are very enthusiastic about partnering with pick-up stations providers. Individuals have been successfully using Kayak, Expedia as well as other online aggregators for booking flights and hotels for an extended time. So, have you thought to use the successful model in shipping market and extend a fantastic user-experience to traditional services?”

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