Volusia County Schools

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With the snippet over, I would like to focus in about the $7,400.00 fee paid to an outdoors contractor from New york for one portion of the renovate of the new VCSB site, launched a few months ago. In the bottom of this post there is the proposal (which was authorized) in its entirety throughout .pdf format.

I’ll attempt to make this as easy to be aware of as possible and you don’t have to be a techno-geek to do so.

A couple of things you MUST know:

From the Volusia County Schools Board’s “Agendas & Minutes”:

1. Margaret Smith recommends approval $62,640 – The superintendent recommends approval to enter into an agreement with dataBridge, a new Web Development Company, for you to design and implement the general public access website pertaining to Volusia County Schools. (again, this WAS accredited and the $7,400.00 was section of the $62,640.00)

2. The “JQuery components” shown inside snippet above plus the proposal here are all FREE. YES My spouse and i SAID FREE, nothing, absolutely no, nada, zilch, not just a penny.

If you would like to look by means of one of the many places to find these free JQuery components.

To set up a JQuery component, it’s no more difficult than posting a file or a pair of and pasting text into the webpage wherever you’d like it to display.

Let’s split this down by JQuery component listed above:

“Homepage feature area”: This post that you are reading right now was in a “homepage feature area” Straightforward, its done.

“Dynamic tabbed articles module”: SIR, YES Friend! I’ll give you a better a single. Coming your way.. and… accomplished.

“Dynamic integreated ad space on homepage”: In which sure is an strange way to spell integrated. Done.

“Community portal picture rotation piece”. I guess calling it an image “slider” like many individuals do, doesn’t sound as essential. Done.

Need to see yourself? You are already experiencing the “Homepage feature area” on this page that you are reading today, and I do not want to set a “Dynamic integreated ad space in homepage” on this page.. so I get installed the $7,400.00 inside JQuery components on the page below.. the difference becoming that I did not spend one penny.

For more information about Volusia Schools please visit the website.


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