How to Write a Press Release

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How to Write an Effective Press Release in One Hour or Less

The purpose of this article is to outline the basic steps and instructions for writing a press release quickly. Writers that follow these simple rules should be able to write an effective press release in an hour or less.


The whole writing process starts with the headline. The headline is a single sentence statement that announces what the news is. Companies, organizations or individuals have thousands of opportunities to announce news. A company’s news can be a new product or service, new feature, new website, new office location, new employee, new award… The headline should be 100 characters or less including spaces.

Body of Press Release:

The body of the press release expands on the “Who, What, When, Where, How and Why” of the announcement or news. The details in a press release should be limited to the “facts” about the announcement or news. Opinion, fluff or hype is not appropriate. Statements about how the product or service is the most amazing innovation ever invented should not be included. It is important that readers form this opinion by themselves by reading the details (facts) in the press release.

Important Press Release Writing Tips:

(1) Press releases should always be written in third person.
(2) Press releases must be written with the “journalist” or “media outlet” as the audience. Never write a press release as if you are trying to sell to the reader. Press releases that resemble a sales letter are considered to be “press release spam” and will create more harm than good. Remember that the purpose of your press release is to announce your news, not sell.
(3) Always include plenty of contact info. A contact name, email address, phone and at least three links to your web site should be included in every press release.
(4) Company background info is very valuable. This is usually done by including a section at the bottom of the press release just before the contact info titled “About XYZ Company or Organization”
(5) Send a new press release at least once a month. With the huge amount of information on the internet, news is forgotten quickly. Some organizations even send a new press release every day. It is important to constantly come up with new and interesting news to announce to the public. Writers can find ideas for new press releases by reading the thousands of press releases at
(6) It is important for a press release to be new, interesting, unique and exciting. Only the most interesting press releases get noticed.
(7) Keep your press release short and simple. 200 to 500 words is best.
(8) Add ### at the bottom of each press release to signify the end.

10 Simple Steps to Writing a Great Press Release

(1) Determine what your news is. What are you announcing? Are you announcing a new web site? A change to your web site? A new product? A new feature to your product? Are you voicing your opinion to a topic in the news? Have you hired someone new? What is your news. This is the first step to writing a press release. Everything else is easy.

(2) Look at other press releases on this site and get a feel of how a press release is to look. Note: they are usually between 250 and 500 words.

(3) Next, put the dateline in the beginning of the first paragraph. Here is what a dateline looks like: City, State (eMediaWorld) Month day, year Here is an example New York, NY (eMediaWorld) October 8, 2011 — begin first paragraph now.

(4) Next, I always add the contact info and link to web site. I often forget to do this, so I do it right away. Also, I put ### at the bottom of the release to signify the end of the press release.

(5) Fill in the body of the press release with the what, when, where, how and why about the news. Everything should be written in third person. You should not have any sales pitches that make it sound like an advertisement or spam.

(6) Think of a few quotes from the owner or spokesman like this: Joe Smith, the owner of xyz commented “this that or the other thing”

(7) At the end of the release, put an “About the Company” or “About Us” section. Here you will list some history, qualifications or details about the company or organization.

(8) Once done, proof read and spell check the whole document. Also, search for photos that you can upload that help explain your news. We allow up to 10 photos in the press release.

(9) Have someone else proof read the press release and look at other press releases on our site to make sure you did not forget anything that others have done.

(10) Simple Simple Simple!! And as always FREE DISTRIBUTION!!

How to Include Stock Symbols in Press Releases

If your stock symbol and company name are not properly formatted within your press release, your release may not be included by important financial news sites. Please note: the information in this article only pertains to press releases about publicly held companies.
Here is how the company name and symbol needs to be formatted within your press release:

NYSE Stocks:
Company Name (NYSE:SYMBOL)

NASDAQ Stocks:
Company Name (NASDAQ:SYMBOL)

OTC Stocks:
Company Name (OTCBB:SYMBOL)

Pink Sheet Stocks:
Company Name (Pink:SYMBOL)

Important Details:

1. The company name must be exactly the same as what Google Finance has.
2. The company name must come immediately before the symbol, as our example shows.
3. The company name and symbol must be close the beginning of the first paragraph.
4. There should be no hyperlinks in the first paragraph

Rejected Press Releases, Top Reasons

About 90% of the press releases being submitted to us are being accepted. Most of the other 10% have the following problems:

1. They are written in ALL CAPS. They need to be written in regular sentience case and NOT ALL CAPS!

2. The press release is to short. You need at least 200 words. 400 is best.

3. No contact info. You need to list a “media contact” at the top or bottom of the press release. This includes a name and email or phone for the media to contact the author or company if they have questions about the press release.

4. Written as a sales pitch. Your press release needs to announce news, not pitch your product / service to the public. Please view other press releases on our site to get a feel for what kind of news can be announced.

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